It's about that time of the year where I do an upgrade from oldstable->stable, so here's the notes on Bullseye.

Upgrading notes:

  • Dropped npm patch for old node versions.
  • Upgraded syncthing config file to new version v32.
  • Dropped backport spec for gcc-doc now present in bullseye.
  • Dropped MELPA request for haskell-mode now present in bullseye.
  • Upgrading PHP to 7.4.
  • A few emacs packages have been renamed to have an elpa- prefix.
  • Emacs package no longer has a version suffix in its package name, just being emacs instead.
  • /usr/bin/python no longer installed by default -- this is a problem for the non-packaged version of youtube-dl. I haven't found a good solution for this yet. I'm probably going to be evaluating yt-dlp for my needs.
  • Use Debian's /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf, dropping my own.
  • Drop some older pip packages and a few that are more trouble than they're worth.
  • Drop custom package of archive puppet module as now available in bullseye.
  • tt-rss upgraded and was thoroughly broken, not sure how. It doesn't matter too much in my case. I had to manually reapply the database schema.
  • Manually upgrade postgresql clusters to v13.
  • Something new called Tracker exists, I've yet to investigate this.
  • Whonix packages for monero-gui look broken, but the old ones for buster work fine.
  • ddclient Linode support patch refreshed.
  • python-rgain dropped, replace it with pip package rgain3 for anankasm.

Overall this was a fairly smooth upgrade, especially because Puppet only had a minor version bump so it wasn't necessary to purge and regenerate all of the Puppet client certificates (which is normally the biggest pain point).

Yow! x3