...and he let himself be drawn in...

Hello, welcome to the Solasistim. This is a collection of vain miscellany.

Here is a page for code I wrote. You can find some random bits of code on my github account. For Scheme stuff I have yet another page and one on Kernel also. I have a few Debian packages that you can use. A page about the Sony SVT1313Z9ES.

Here are a few articles about technical things:

This is a tribute to a fantastic space ambient artist, AAGSF. MDTON Refix. A page about Sergey Gabbasov; a page about post-FAX music.

I mix ambient, techno, and trance. A few of my mixes are for download on my Soundcloud page. These are all done live on CDJs and probably contain a lot of trainwrecked mixing. No tracklisting for most, but email me if you need any track IDs and I can probably sort you out.

Here’s a few year-end lists more for my own reference than anything else. Some music reviews, and some book reviews.

I produce ambient and experimental music. You can find me on Bandcamp where I publish any releases I make. A couple of other older records that I made using custom software are Glock Filter and the Runic EP. Source code & higher quality versions available on request.

These are some of my favourite netlabels that are a never-ending source of inspiration:

Contact me:, or Twitter.