...and he let himself be drawn in...

Hello, welcome to the Solasistim. This is a collection of vain miscellany.

Here is a page for code I wrote. For Scheme stuff I have yet another page and one on Kernel also. I have a few Debian packages that you can use. A page about the Sony SVT1313Z9ES.

I have some information on playing Dark Reign in Linux.

Here’s an article on using Puppet with OpenWRT; an article on directory locking.

Listen to this noise mashup I did of Kreayshawn and Slayer.

This is a tribute to a fantastic space ambient artist, AAGSF. MDTON Refix. A page about Sergey Gabbasov; a page about post-FAX music.

I’ve done a few psytrance mixes. I play quite a few styles but twilight/dark is my speciality. Here’s one for luck:Manifold. A few more: Crunch, Ultimate Substance. Two ambient mixes: Demeter, Subjectivity.

Here’s a few year-end lists more for my own reference than anything else. Some reviews.

Here’s two ambient records I made. Glock Filter, Runic EP. Source code & higher quality versions available on request.

These people publish extremely good music:

Contact me:, or Twitter.